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Conference Participation



"A Shadow Pandemic", The Arts in Society Conference, Virtual

June 17-19 2021

Panel Chair*"Asymmetries: Contemporary Art, Activism, and Protest" UAAC Conference, Quebec City

October 2019

"Contemporary Art and Global Crises- A Proposal for Teaching Through Contact Zones" UAAC Conference, Quebec City

October 2019

Conference Chair, (Un)bound: Interdisciplinary Dialogues, Ottawa (Ontario), May 2019

"Heritage Ethics and Human Rights of the Dead". 

Death and Culture Conference,  York (U.K.)

September 6-7th 2018

"Framing Precarity: Art, Trauma, and Memory in the Post-9/11 Age".

UUAC Conference, Waterloo (Ontario)

October 25-27 2018

“Human Rights Museology: Issues in Past Future Dissonance and Curating Difficult Knowledge”. Matter(s) of Fact. Western University, London

March 2018

“Remembrance and Difficult Knowledge: Unsettling Comforting Narratives at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights”. Learning to Remember: Learning to Forget. Carleton University, Institute for Political Economy Graduate Conference

March 2018

“The Church of Bones and the Boundaries of Dark Tourism”. Commemoration and Critique: Discussions around Heritage Conservation and the Cultural Work of Mourning. Carleton University: A Joint Graduate Symposium

December 2017

“What is a Human Rights Museum?” Community: A Participatory Conference. Western University, Art History Graduate Conference

March 2017

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Current Projects

Currently, I am a member of the Culture and Crisis Collective, a small group of interdisciplinary researchers at Carleton University. We hold regular teach-ins on the ethics of pedagogy during crisis.

I am also preparing teaching syllabi on Contemporary art and global crises for the undergraduate level.

Most importantly, I am working full-time on my dissertation research that investigates the intersections between feminist art activism and politics during times of crisis, with special attention to the global covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

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